After Failed Walsgreens, Why Amazon Could Feast on the Remaining Carcass of Rite Aid

After officially cancelling merger with Walgreens Boots Alliance chances are that Rite Aid Corp. (RAD) could be target for Amazon.comInc.

Jeff Bezos’ e-commerce corporation is much busy working to finish, and then take in its $13.7 billion acquirement of Whole Foods Market. But anyone who has followed the company knows that it has aspirations to enter all aspects of trade, and truthfully all aspects of lives of people.

Recent reports show that the company is looking to break into the pharmacy space.  Wall Street firm recently suggested that Rite Aid, or pharmacy benefit could be next in the company’s target.

On Tuesday, June 27-Amazon will still have a net cash balance of (about $100 million to 200$ million) and negative influence ratio, written by David Larsen of Leerink Partners.

It has also been put forward by the analyst that Express Scripts Holding Co. could be a target for Amazon; Express Script has a $38 billion market capitalization and $13 billion in debt according to Factset.

Walsgreen will make a payment of $5.175 billion to Rite-Aid in cash and receive 2,186 stores in return. Walgreens and Rite Aid had agreed to sell about 1,200 stores to Memphis, Tenn.-based Fred’s Inc. as cure to FTC anti-trust, deal has been terminated.

On Wednesday, a statement made by Fred, it is accepting a short-term shareholder rights plan, also recognized a poison pill, chasing enhanced trading instability related to its participation in the transaction.

Recent press reports tell the company held the meeting to discuss entering the pharmacy business. Leerink recommends that the company may also consider building out its own internal PBM service for its 350,000 employees.

Small Communities Unite to Form International Bond

LONDON (AP)- Two mini-communities in Oregon, Boring and Scotland, Dull have both united with another community, Bland Shire, Australia to forge a larger intercontinental bond.

Boring and Dull became united as sister communities about five years ago after a Scottish woman cycled through the town, located in the U.S during a holiday. Officials confirmed that the union have had a positive influence on the status of both communities.

On Friday, the mayor of Bland Shire region and New South Wales were hosted by Dull officials to welcome the new member of the club they refer to as the ‘League of Extraordinary Communities.’  Boring and Bland Shire both go their names from former residents, William Boring and Willian Bland while Dull is believed to have gotten its name from an Irish or Scottish word that describes meadow. Bland Shire is occupied by about 6,000 people while Boring boasts about 4,000 more and the small village of dull, just 84 persons.

The provost of Kinross and Perth region that serves as Dull’s home, Dennis Melloy revealed that though their community possesses an unusual and strange name, the bonds between Bland and Boring has created a pleasant atmosphere in their communities. The provost added that the relationship could only get better. “We have been able to locate two new places in America, Dreary and Ordinary and I am hopeful they will soon be a part of the alliance.” The provost said.

Tanker Left Hanging Loosely From Flyover Following An Interstate Crash

LOUIS (AP)- A truck with an empty tank attached to it was left hanging loosely from a flyover with the truck leaning on the road beneath, and the tank hanging on the back wheel from above after it had an accident which caused it to roll over.

The Highway Patrol Corporal of Missouri State, Justin Wheatley disclosed that the truck spun out of the driver’s control while driving on a rain-drenched road around 7 a.m. on Thursday. He further said that the truck jack-knifed and bashed a vehicle carrying passengers before deviating off the interstate44 flyover in downtime Saint Louis. The vehicle was later lowered to the road below by a towing crew.

Wheatley confirmed that the truck driver received medical attention on the spot, but the Chauffeur of the passenger vehicle had to be treated at a hospital as he sustained minor injuries. A spokesman for the Saint Louis Police, Leah Freeman said the Eads Bridge was temporarily shut down because of the crash.


Why You Should Opt for a Cabana Day at your hotel

Spending a day in a cabana during the vacations has become a thing with the ladies who travel, and for some reason too. A lot of hotels offer cabana days for the visitors and you will probably be tempted to opt for one. But before you start your cabana day, here are the top virtues that make cabanas so stress-relieving and comfortable.

Enjoy the sun, without the sunburns

We love the swims where we have no sunburns by the end of the day. Cabana by the pool makes that possible for you. Enjoy the sun, in the safety of the shade of your cabana, and when you feel like it, go for a swim.

Family fun is the forte of cabanas

If you are visiting with family, cabanas provide a bonus level of fun if you go for a cabana day. The extra space with only a few people makes your time together all the more special. May it be in the pool or in the shade, you cannot feel happier anywhere else.

Don’t miss out on the extra goodies

A lot of hotels do extensive homework on making their cabanas a better time for the guests, and a lot have succeeded in doing just that. There are hotels that offer the cabanas to be set up next to the spa pool, which is located close to the hydrotherapy pools and a few massages.

A Thrilling Start to Your Itinerary of New Zealand


Knowing about New Zealand’s sheer beauty, you must have put New Zealand in your bucket list, and let me tell you, you are in for one of the best time of your life. Just so you can have a good start when you decide to visit New Zealand, consider the following start to you itinerary for New Zealand.

Head to Auckland

Auckland is a very good place to start the trip to New Zealand because the blend of natural and modern age is just the right amount to warm you up for what comes next. One thing is sure: things will only get better from here. Don’t miss visiting the Sky Tower, getting a chance to view Maori artifacts, and definitely don’t forget to visit Waiheke island.

A ride to volcano town

Roturua has a lot of volcanic activity going on and you can even smell a hind of Sulphur in the air almost all the time. You can easily catch a bus to Rotorua, and can stay for up to three days before you run out of sites to explore.

Skydiving at Taupo and a tour of the Hobbiton set

Between Roturua and Wellington is Taupo, skydiving where is almost like a rite of passage by tourist, so don’t break the chain. Lord of The Ring lovers have the best deal at the legendary Mata Mata, home to the Hobbiton set.

The Top GIS Career Tips to Help Find a GIS Job

Have you been in love with Geography, but also developed an attraction for computing technology? Well, this may be the reason that you’re planning to pursue a Geographic Information Science (GIS) course online.

Are you having trouble finding the best methods of getting the perfect career opportunities? Don’t worry – we’ve prepared a list of top GIS career tips to instantly help you start mapping like a rockstar… and get paid to do it.

Reform Your CV

The first step anyone would want to take in order to kickstart the job-searching process is getting the resume ready.

But, when you are preparing for your dream companies, you cannot go ahead with the same standard. You have to make a few changes and adjustments to reform your CV according to the requirements of the particular organization.

Rather than thinking of what benefits you want to get from the company, make sure to mention the benefits a company will get from you. Get your GIS online from USC, and don’t forget to mention it in your resume as well.

Explore every opportunity

Whether it is a simple internship or volunteering work, make sure to take every opportunity that comes your way. Explore every opportunity you come across. Get yourself prepared for the interview; you never know what might come in handy during your interview or shortlisting process.

Usually, entry-level GIS jobs are temporary, but you can turn one into a permanent job with the skills you learn with a GIS course. The internships are opportunities offered to potential employees to learn more about the technologies used in a professional environment. Don’t forget to keep learning new things once you’re done with the tasks you have been allocated by the employer.

Relocate where GIS jobs are located

Looking for the best suitable GIS jobs can be time consuming, but once you are done, you get extraordinary rewards for your efforts. You may want to relocate to a place where the job is available. Invest some time into research about good locations for GIS jobs, and consider moving there. This can be easy for you if you are planning to get your GIS online from USC as you can learn from anywhere.

If you are serious about your career, don’t hesitate to move to a new location. Just imagine you have lived in a city throughout your life and an employer asks you to relocate to a new city for the job. If your answer is yes, then you are the best fit for the job.

Get a GIS course

You may be an expert with unmatched programming knowledge, but you always need a certification course to support your skills. Get your GIS online from USC – it will guarantee your expertise in the field, and the courses are available online; you can learn from almost anywhere to increase your chances of getting a job.

A certification course will make your resume attractive enough to be considered by your potential employer.

Tips on How to Start a Business Blog Successfully

Have you ever wanted to learn how to start a business blog and make money online? You are not alone. Millions of people are blogging for money these days. As for someone who is still have little understanding about business blogging, the number one question that he or she often ask is how to start a business blog. Starting a blog is rather easy which can be accomplished in just a few minutes. This instruction is intended to show you how you can launch your self-own blog on your own domain name and spread your business information online to the world.

Tip # 1: Decide a Niche to Blog About

First of all, you will need to decide what you are going to blog about. Different from personal blog, you need to make sure that your business blog is topic-focused. It is not the place for you to present you online diaries. Deciding what to blog about is a very crucial decision. You should choose a topic that you are passionate about so that you will not get tired of it quickly and never run out of things to say. Try to pick a topic which really pushes your buttons. As well as making it easier to come up with ideas for articles, passion always makes writing better.

Tip # 2: Choose the right blogging platform

If you plan to start your own blog on the internet, you first need to choose blog software where you can publish and manage your website content. From my own experience, WordPress is by far the most popular blogging software being used. And you will find out that many web hosting provider offer one-click installation of WordPress. That is to say, simply by login into your web hosting control panel, you will be able to get the popular application installed. WordPress is welcomed by so many webmasters due to the following features:

WordPress is very powerful. After the installation, you will be able to write a post and get it published immediately. There is a wyswyg editor in the dashboard, which means that you are able to write post without HTML coding knowledge. You are allowed to organize your content with different classification. Images are supported to be showed within your article to attract visitors. You can set up accounts for different blog users and set different permissions to each of them. Since WordPress is database driven, you can create unlimited pages as you want. The inbuilt search functionality in WordPress makes users to search for the desired information.

WordPress is easily customizable. WordPress has a large community who are developing many free themes as well as plugins. You can control the appearance of the blog by picking different WordPress themes. You can also extend your website functionality by adding plugins. The helpful WordPress community will offer you with great support and make your blog to be a powerful website.

Tip # 3: Be Patient While Blogging

Patient is one of the several important factors for success in blogging. It is not a good practice to monetize blog too early. Promote blog too early will also cost you a lot as a blogger. It is highly recommended that you start writing entries for a period of time and making friends among your niche. It is no sense to invest money on promoting your blog till your blog worth to introduce and promote with other people.

Tip #4: Update Your Blog Regularly

If you are going to run your business blog successfully, you need to keep this important point in mind. You need to make sure there are unique content coming through your blog on a regular basis. For one thing, a regular schedule will able to turn your readers into “loyal readers”, if your website gets updated frequently, every time the search giant Google visit your blog it will find new content on your blog and would like to get your page indexed. The more webpage get indexed by search engines, the more authorities you will received from search engine. You blog is of high likely receive more backlinks and traffic.

Tip # 5: Make Interaction with Blogger Friends

Simply writing content on your own blog is not enough, you need to participate in the blogosphere and set up a sense of community around your blog. Look out for blogs that you are interested in and leave a comment on their posts. Generally speaking, you will be allowed to leave comment with a link to your own blog with which other visitors can visit your website. It is also important to keep your reader engaged in your blog to show their ideas. With these method, you will eventually you find out that your number of followers are increasing gradually.

Tip #6:Have fun and prepare to make a commitment

It is true that you may start off your blogging as a fun and expecting to make million dollars over it. However, you should also know that blogging is just like any other business which requires hard work and disciple. If you want your blog to be successful, you also need to prepare to make a commitment. As the saying goes, “you must bear pain if you look for gain.”


Maintaining a Blog – Various Factors to Consider

Every webmaster and technology geek know what a blog is. The fact here is, “How good and clever are you in maintaining your own or business blogs?” Nowadays people create blogs either to market themselves or business. It is a huge task to update your websites with the fresh contents. But blog makes it easy to add or update with fresh contents, as the Blog Service providers made it simple for their users.

Everything is not over by just setting up a blog and makes it running. You need to maintain in such a way that it attracts more readers. As more and more people get into blogging, it has become a Herculean task to attract readers. It is important that, “How do you compete with millions of other bloggers and develop an audience that consistently comes back to your blog?”

There are two major factors you need to concentrate in maintaining a blog and they are as follows:
1. Blog Fundamentals
2. Maintaining your Blog

Blog Fundamentals

Experts always say that, “Keep the fundamentals correct”. For any work or process, you need to get the fundamentals correct i.e. basics correct, in order to succeed. Before we get into actual traffic building tips, let us start with how to make your blog worth reading. There are certain factors need to be taken care to get the blog fundamentals correct.

1. Your Niche: Before you start your blogging process, be sure of what your blog is all about. Be clear in your niche and thoughts that you are going to express in your blog. Be smart in choosing your niche, identify your target audience and give them what they want.

2. Be Original: Be original in whatever you present in your blog. Do not copy the content of the famous blog and post it in yours. Try to search for the hot topic for day and build your own subject in it.

3. Platform, Design and Domain Name: Website or blog, you need to present in an attractive manner. Choosing blog platform, design and domain name plays a major role in your blogs success. Thanks, because you have free Blog Platforms and design templates that works well in those platforms. Select and customize it according to your niche and audience. Choosing domain name is critical; your domain name should reflect what your blog content is all about.

Maintaining your Blog

After making sure that your blog fundamentals are correct, it is the time to start building your blog. Here are some tips on how to build a good foundation that will help you increase your traffic.

1. Consistency: Once you start your blog, fix a schedule and stick to it. You need to ensure that you deliver something for your audience at the right span of time. It is not necessary to write a blog everyday but posting blog at equal interval will help to improve audience interest

2. Topic Selection: You know your niche, now understand what the current trend and the topic is what the people searching for. Try to find an angle to your posts that will interest a wide variety of people to ensure that your blog will appeal to a larger audience.

3. Incorporate Basic SEO: Try to learn what SEO is, if you are not familiar with it. Basic SEO principles include using keywords wisely, writing effective post titles and utilizing Meta tags when applicable. Main source of traffic for your blog is search engine and hence you need to optimize your post to get SE presence. Post titles play an essential part in improving your search engine visibility and to attract the blog readers. Be descriptive, but not overly so.

4. Interaction Resources: Make sure that you enable all your interaction resources like comments, pinging back etc. You need ensure that your blog readers have something source to interact with the blog writers. In that case you can make your blog more interesting and you can keep the audience as well.

5. Linking Strategies: Links plays a vital role in blogging services. If you own a business blog, when you write something interesting which relates your business you can directly link particular keyword to your business website. For information related or self blog you can link to some other reliable resources from where you get the information. You can also inter link some specific posts in your blog. When you write a blog posts as different parts you link between each of them starting by saying “in my previous post”

6. Tagging: Use the correct tagging for your post which best describes your blog post. This will help your readers to find your blog posts.


How to Actify and Stimulate Passionate Blogging

Passionate blogging is the key to any successful blog. A person who gets hungry wil eat. He gets thirsty and rushes for a glass of cold water. Eating and drinking have their own limit. He cannot go on eating and drinking. Passion is all about doing something which justifies the meaning of living. It is like the oxygen in the air. Without it the passionate person dies. This is what passion is about.

Every blog that is started at this point in time will most probably die a premature death. This is because the blogger who started it in the absence of passion. He thought he was knowledgeable in a particular niche which he could write about. Finally, he runs out of ideas and drops out from blogging. Many others think that they can become rich by blogging. Some others find blogging as an online diary. No matter for what reasons a blogger comes to blogosphere, in the absence of passion he gives up blogging sooner or later. Be passionate about blogging.

Post Regularly

Content building is the key to a rewarding blog. If your blog is the only one in the blogosphere then you don’t have to worry about regular posting. But since 2004, millions of blogs have been created and added. Competition is taking place in every blog niche. So the only way for your blog to get noticed by readers is to post regularly. If a blog is not updated for months, readers might think that you have abandoned the site and they will not come back. They do not have the time to wait for information.They know that they can get updated information elsewhere. To make readers to return to your blog you must update your blog regularly.

What is meant by regular post? It varies from one blogger to another. If you’re doing a current affairs blog you need to post daily- at least a short one. If it is a personal blog, you need to post two posts in a week. If you’re posting about tips on how to reduce weight in 30 days as a series -readers expect a more frequent update about your pursuit.

I have suggested an opinion on blogging to prepare at least 300 pages before you launch your blog. These pages will be set to automatic posting. One great advantage of this tactic is to give the blogger the time space to prepare posts on a regular basis. Part time bloggers will find this useful especially.

A passionate blogger has to have a passion in writing. Do not worry if you do not have the juice for writing- use Blogoverdrive – Free Blog Posting

Aim At Humans

The end result of your blog post is to give value to readers. For example, in the Google reader if you have subscribed to a certain website you’ll get an update post whenever the actual site is updated. The first thing the reader notice in the reader is the title of the post. As a reader will you read further if the title of the post is not attractive? You may ask me what an attractive title post is.

Let us explore a post on the topic on trust or trustworthiness. Which of the following title is attractive? Give me your honest comments:

  • Trust Your Gut
  • Can You Make Someone To Trust You?
  • How To Get People To Trust You?
  • How To Make Someone To Trust You?
  • 7 Tips On How To Make Someone To Trust You

The key thing to note when you’re constructing a title is to make it as outstanding as possible and be specific. Do you find Origin of Mane an outstanding title?

Search Engine Optimization

When you’re facing conflict what is the natural thing to do: do you make someone to trust you or you try your best to trust that someone? Human nature works in this way: you’re always perfect and others are imperfect. So when there is a conflict either at home or in office you’ll bound to search something like this:

  • How To Make That Someone To Trust You or Me?
  • How To Make The Guy Trust You or Me?
  • How To Make My Colleague To Trust You or Me?

Human beings are self centred. So they do things that will benefit them alone. With this in mind, try out a search in Google or yahoo when you write out the title to the post.

Google Insights give a pretty good opening and let you see what the world is searching for. You’ll notice the highest search for ‘how to trust someone’ comes from United States of America. Writing a post on ‘ How To Trust Someone In America?’ can be a unique searchable title post.

Stimulate Readers

A good example of this is my post on how to understand consciousness. When I explore into this subject of consciousness I begin to realise that by stimulating readers is a quicker way to get interested in my post. The idea is neither right nor wrong but it also can be the truth.

But by giving awe to readers will make you likable you as a person or as a blogger

Stimulating post is actually easy to write as it is not solely based on facts. The post is based on a blogger analysis of the subject. Facts are limited and repeated. It gets bored when the entire blogging world say something over and over again. But by giving awe to readers will make you likable you as a person or as a blogger. This is a sure of jump start for your blog as stimulated readers will recommend your site to others.


Introduction is like the first impression. Ensure that your every post carry an interesting introduction. You need to tell compelling stories that connect with people.

Asking questions and then offering a solution immediately is a bold way of starting your post. Read this post to find out what I mean. A post arose because of something happened on the other day shows your transparency and touch. Read this post to understand.

Original Post

You need to spend time to do original post. Copyblogger will not survive in the end. To date I have justified blogging by giving my utmost time and energy in creating original post. I always enjoy writing my original post. Though it is my part time work, I am into every post. Personal development is what I like to do. As I go into the deep cosmic world of blogging I begin to learn new things. As I introduce new post I develop my self ultimately. This is one way cultivating original post.


3 Simple Tips to Start Blogging and Create a Successful Blog

Blogging is about time bound communication, a successful blog communicates very well with its visitors. There are no obvious rules to find success with blogging. A simple blog which is able to say something, tell a story, an incident from a home or business or road can make good success over time. There is no need to get worried with all the technical jargon, un-comforting tips and tricks when you know what you are interested in and thoughts that are trying to reach out. I hope these three simple tricks will not only help you to start but will even take you to some destination of your choice.

I do not want to repeat the information which is already published somewhere on web, I have already seen an article full of useful tips and tricks titled 13 Steps to Successful Blogging and another 7 tips for successful blogging. These articles contain lot of information, some of which are still not known to me neither do I want to learn them, as I do not want me to loose focus and start worrying about how to do this and how to do that. If I want to communicate then I only need words, sentences and a medium to express my feelings, there is nothing technical about it and a blog is a simple way to express an opinion, an event, some course of life. Most people who are interested in blogging and try to search some information on successful blogging lose their path because they feel they are not qualified to write blogs as they realize that they can not understand every bit of information and tips provided by our experts. They move to social networking sites, they start participating in a discussion forum.

There is no pre-requisite qualification for a blogger, there is no need to invest any money anywhere if you just want to start a blog. We cannot try to be successful before performing a task, we cannot make a delicious lunch until we start cooking and if we keep thinking on ways to make our food mouth watering even before we start our cooking task then we are likely to order food after some time. Most of us simply do not start without wasting our time on things that will make impact our morale negatively.

Tip No. 1 First Start A Blog on Something In Your Mind

Go to any free blogging site like Google’s or they do not charge anything and provide all the tools and a really helpful discussion forum to solve your problem. There is no need to invest money in registering a domain name and hosting service, these things are for professional bloggers who are already successful bloggers and need more tools and freedom in blog operation. They are already making money and therefore they do not have any problem in investing some money.

A beginner should not waste money in all these things, we cannot study in college without passing through primary and kindergarten. Our number one task is to start blogging with our own blog and we can do this anytime without any out of pocket expense.

Tip No. 2 Second Start Posting, Write Something, Anything that is Spontaneously Coming Out

Starting a blog is not blogging, if we are not posting anything then we are nowhere near this term. Many people start a blog but do not write even a single word on it. Why? Because they try to find perfect opening, they look for perfect words which actually do not exist and thus they are not able to write any post. They visit other blogs read them, watch them and get more worried with blogging.

Well, there is no perfect way to write blog posts, anything can look good, if it is meaningful, even if it is only meaningful to you and nobody else. Each one of us have our unique way of doing things, observation, interests and priorities, we cannot change them because others do not have them, can we change our life partner, our eating habits, our family environment to match that of successful peoples, will this help us to any extent. I do not think, that copying works for everybody. Do not worry be happy and write your first post, even if you do not like it, publish it and leave it there. Its just a beginning and when there is no beginning there is no end.

Tip No. 3 Third visit again after few Days to Write Next Post

It is important to continue the journey which has been started. A blog is like events that follow one after the other, a blog post also resembles events that take place in our life, or in our career, or in our profession, technology one after the other. We cannot predict events we can only narrate them. Successful bloggers keep track of the events and there blog posts, there is no need to add twists or remake the story of the event if it does not interests you. Write what you want to write, post what you feel will give you a feeling of relaxation, and it will help your blog to reach more audience, more people without any artificial effort. Blog is not a website or a book its a narration of events which can be taken from anywhere.

These were three simple tips to start blogging and create a successful blog, a beginners should not worry about a number of factors that influence a blog ranking, that are key to success of a blog. Life is not about how much we get or how much we can create from it, its life and its meaningful, a blog is also an expression of life, and a successful expression leads to successful online blogging.