3 Simple Tips to Start Blogging and Create a Successful Blog

Blogging is about time bound communication, a successful blog communicates very well with its visitors. There are no obvious rules to find success with blogging. A simple blog which is able to say something, tell a story, an incident from a home or business or road can make good success over time. There is no need to get worried with all the technical jargon, un-comforting tips and tricks when you know what you are interested in and thoughts that are trying to reach out. I hope these three simple tricks will not only help you to start but will even take you to some destination of your choice.

I do not want to repeat the information which is already published somewhere on web, I have already seen an article full of useful tips and tricks titled 13 Steps to Successful Blogging and another 7 tips for successful blogging. These articles contain lot of information, some of which are still not known to me neither do I want to learn them, as I do not want me to loose focus and start worrying about how to do this and how to do that. If I want to communicate then I only need words, sentences and a medium to express my feelings, there is nothing technical about it and a blog is a simple way to express an opinion, an event, some course of life. Most people who are interested in blogging and try to search some information on successful blogging lose their path because they feel they are not qualified to write blogs as they realize that they can not understand every bit of information and tips provided by our experts. They move to social networking sites, they start participating in a discussion forum.

There is no pre-requisite qualification for a blogger, there is no need to invest any money anywhere if you just want to start a blog. We cannot try to be successful before performing a task, we cannot make a delicious lunch until we start cooking and if we keep thinking on ways to make our food mouth watering even before we start our cooking task then we are likely to order food after some time. Most of us simply do not start without wasting our time on things that will make impact our morale negatively.

Tip No. 1 First Start A Blog on Something In Your Mind

Go to any free blogging site like Google’s Blogger.com or WordPress.com they do not charge anything and provide all the tools and a really helpful discussion forum to solve your problem. There is no need to invest money in registering a domain name and hosting service, these things are for professional bloggers who are already successful bloggers and need more tools and freedom in blog operation. They are already making money and therefore they do not have any problem in investing some money.

A beginner should not waste money in all these things, we cannot study in college without passing through primary and kindergarten. Our number one task is to start blogging with our own blog and we can do this anytime without any out of pocket expense.

Tip No. 2 Second Start Posting, Write Something, Anything that is Spontaneously Coming Out

Starting a blog is not blogging, if we are not posting anything then we are nowhere near this term. Many people start a blog but do not write even a single word on it. Why? Because they try to find perfect opening, they look for perfect words which actually do not exist and thus they are not able to write any post. They visit other blogs read them, watch them and get more worried with blogging.

Well, there is no perfect way to write blog posts, anything can look good, if it is meaningful, even if it is only meaningful to you and nobody else. Each one of us have our unique way of doing things, observation, interests and priorities, we cannot change them because others do not have them, can we change our life partner, our eating habits, our family environment to match that of successful peoples, will this help us to any extent. I do not think, that copying works for everybody. Do not worry be happy and write your first post, even if you do not like it, publish it and leave it there. Its just a beginning and when there is no beginning there is no end.

Tip No. 3 Third visit again after few Days to Write Next Post

It is important to continue the journey which has been started. A blog is like events that follow one after the other, a blog post also resembles events that take place in our life, or in our career, or in our profession, technology one after the other. We cannot predict events we can only narrate them. Successful bloggers keep track of the events and there blog posts, there is no need to add twists or remake the story of the event if it does not interests you. Write what you want to write, post what you feel will give you a feeling of relaxation, and it will help your blog to reach more audience, more people without any artificial effort. Blog is not a website or a book its a narration of events which can be taken from anywhere.

These were three simple tips to start blogging and create a successful blog, a beginners should not worry about a number of factors that influence a blog ranking, that are key to success of a blog. Life is not about how much we get or how much we can create from it, its life and its meaningful, a blog is also an expression of life, and a successful expression leads to successful online blogging.