After Failed Walsgreens, Why Amazon Could Feast on the Remaining Carcass of Rite Aid

After officially cancelling merger with Walgreens Boots Alliance chances are that Rite Aid Corp. (RAD) could be target for Amazon.comInc.

Jeff Bezos’ e-commerce corporation is much busy working to finish, and then take in its $13.7 billion acquirement of Whole Foods Market. But anyone who has followed the company knows that it has aspirations to enter all aspects of trade, and truthfully all aspects of lives of people.

Recent reports show that the company is looking to break into the pharmacy space.  Wall Street firm recently suggested that Rite Aid, or pharmacy benefit could be next in the company’s target.

On Tuesday, June 27-Amazon will still have a net cash balance of (about $100 million to 200$ million) and negative influence ratio, written by David Larsen of Leerink Partners.

It has also been put forward by the analyst that Express Scripts Holding Co. could be a target for Amazon; Express Script has a $38 billion market capitalization and $13 billion in debt according to Factset.

Walsgreen will make a payment of $5.175 billion to Rite-Aid in cash and receive 2,186 stores in return. Walgreens and Rite Aid had agreed to sell about 1,200 stores to Memphis, Tenn.-based Fred’s Inc. as cure to FTC anti-trust, deal has been terminated.

On Wednesday, a statement made by Fred, it is accepting a short-term shareholder rights plan, also recognized a poison pill, chasing enhanced trading instability related to its participation in the transaction.

Recent press reports tell the company held the meeting to discuss entering the pharmacy business. Leerink recommends that the company may also consider building out its own internal PBM service for its 350,000 employees.