Small Communities Unite to Form International Bond

LONDON (AP)- Two mini-communities in Oregon, Boring and Scotland, Dull have both united with another community, Bland Shire, Australia to forge a larger intercontinental bond.

Boring and Dull became united as sister communities about five years ago after a Scottish woman cycled through the town, located in the U.S during a holiday. Officials confirmed that the union have had a positive influence on the status of both communities.

On Friday, the mayor of Bland Shire region and New South Wales were hosted by Dull officials to welcome the new member of the club they refer to as the ‘League of Extraordinary Communities.’  Boring and Bland Shire both go their names from former residents, William Boring and Willian Bland while Dull is believed to have gotten its name from an Irish or Scottish word that describes meadow. Bland Shire is occupied by about 6,000 people while Boring boasts about 4,000 more and the small village of dull, just 84 persons.

The provost of Kinross and Perth region that serves as Dull’s home, Dennis Melloy revealed that though their community possesses an unusual and strange name, the bonds between Bland and Boring has created a pleasant atmosphere in their communities. The provost added that the relationship could only get better. “We have been able to locate two new places in America, Dreary and Ordinary and I am hopeful they will soon be a part of the alliance.” The provost said.