Tanker Left Hanging Loosely From Flyover Following An Interstate Crash

LOUIS (AP)- A truck with an empty tank attached to it was left hanging loosely from a flyover with the truck leaning on the road beneath, and the tank hanging on the back wheel from above after it had an accident which caused it to roll over.

The Highway Patrol Corporal of Missouri State, Justin Wheatley disclosed that the truck spun out of the driver’s control while driving on a rain-drenched road around 7 a.m. on Thursday. He further said that the truck jack-knifed and bashed a vehicle carrying passengers before deviating off the interstate44 flyover in downtime Saint Louis. The vehicle was later lowered to the road below by a towing crew.

Wheatley confirmed that the truck driver received medical attention on the spot, but the Chauffeur of the passenger vehicle had to be treated at a hospital as he sustained minor injuries. A spokesman for the Saint Louis Police, Leah Freeman said the Eads Bridge was temporarily shut down because of the crash.